Our Fruit

As much as we love our location in Courtland, California, to our pear and apple trees this region is absolute “pearadise.” Nurtured by cold, wet winters, rich Delta soil and mineral-laden Sierra mountain water, our trees not only produce truly excellent fruit –they produce the first new crop in the United States. This timing enables Greene & Hemly to provide unmatched, season-long availability from day one.

Our Labels

Seasonal Availability

Our Pears

Sweet, juicy and available in all of today’s most popular varieties, our pears are meticulously nurtured and harvested for unmatched flavor and consistency. All available in volumes that ensure availability throughout the season!

Our Apples

Perfect for snacks, baking or simply enjoying out-of-hand, our apples are available July through December in a full range of flavorful varieties. One sweet, crunchy bite, and you’ll discover why our apples have earned such a powerful loyal following!

Our Cherries

Make the most of the brief cherry season with our tasty, top-quality organic cherries, carefully tended and hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and flavor. Available fresh throughout the season!